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Saturday, December 19, 2009

What to Do in a Blizzard ... 

We knew it was going to be a snowy day today, but the predicted snow totals kept increasing over the course of the day yesterday. This morning, we woke to a nice 5" or so, with more coming down, and, according to Weather.com ... a blizzard warning.

Fortunately for us, Celeste is a huge fan of the Little House on the Prairie series and was able to tell us exactly what we should do when there's a blizzard: "Wrap up in blankets and read the Bible."

Instead, I've made a pot of red beans, Evelin's made some bread, and we've mounted an expedition across town to a 5-year-old's birthday party where there was much craziness followed by a long trod back home through the snow. (It was also the first time I've gotten to use my snowshoes since the 2003 President's Day snowstorm when I struggled my way to the zoo only to find out that behavior watches don't go on when the zoo is closed and the city snowed under ...)


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