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Friday, July 25, 2003

IUI ... 

Oy, you take one day off for an IUI and you come back to a ton of e-mail, conflicting projects, and much, much more ... Italy is calling for the 2004 editorial calendar (mostly so people can take August for a vacation; something I'm jealous about, but it would be a bit more diplomatic to not point out how more civilized other nation's work policies are), outside editorial assignments have to be made for a contract publishing job, the francophone edition is in production on Monday, a week after that the regular edition ... Oh, and I haven't gotten Evelin's birthday figured out. At all. And it's tomorrow. *Smack*

Okay, just wanted to get that off my chest. The IUI went well; the sample turned out fine and the procedure was easy, so now we just get to sit around and wait for two weeks and keep our fingers crossed.

The whole process was pretty quick, we were finished up and home before noon, but we'd decided to take the day off just in case there were any problems. (Although it's a fairly straightforward process ... maybe it was just a good reason to play hooky.) Anyway, I spent part of the afternoon editing in the basement and then cutting the grass and doing other yardwork.

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