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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sometimes I Don't Know When I Have It Good ... 

This afternoon, Evelin had her book club; the same book club that lead to the first Daddy–Daughter Day Disaster many months ago. This time, a little while before Evelin had to leave, Celeste was getting cranky but not wanting to take a nap despite being fairly tired. (I was tired, too, and tried to convince Celeste to be my nap buddy, but she wasn't buying it today.) So, as I listened to the 8th inning of the Nationals–Mets game, Evelin topped Celeste off, which knocked her out. I though Evelin put Celeste in her crib and then headed out, assuring me that if I did doze off I would hear her and awaken even though she was in the room next door. (I know that happens at night, but I was a little worried that I would be less likely to awake from a nap.) I had nothing to fear.

I listened through the end of the game (Nats lost) and then dozed for a little while, but Celeste was still sound asleep when I awoke. I puttered around the house, planned dinner, straightened up some things, and checked in on her periodically, but Celeste continued to nap. I tried to call Evelin to see when exactly Celeste had gone to sleep, but her phone was off. I started to get worried, but Celeste didn't care, she was too busy sleeping. In the end, she slept for two-and-a-half hours, waking just before Evelin called to say she was on her way home. Considering that she slept for over an hour this morning while I was at the farmers market, it almost made up for the waking every 45 minutes she did the night before ...

For dinner tonight, we had some green beans I bought last week to make φασολάκια, but when I was looking at what else we had around and what I wanted, that didn't seem to fit. Instead, I went with a couple of traditional Lebanese recipes: mdardra (lentils and rice) and lūbiyah bi-rubb rummān (green beans with sour pomegranate juice) as a side. It turned out pretty good; since both are served cold or room temperature, I could prepare them ahead of time (meaning that I didn't have to worry about when Celeste would need her bath) and the pomegranate dressing for the beans was pretty tasty. It was just olive oil, garlic and pomegranate molasses; we're thinking we may try it on a salad someday soon.

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