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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More Talking 

Celeste’s vocabulary is growing day by day. She still uses a lot of signs and some things (mostly animals and vehicles) are either a combination of a sign and what they say (DOG and barking, for example) or just what they say ("baa-baa" for sheep, for example), but there are a few new words that are popping up.

A week or two ago, Celeste started saying "highchair" [MP3] — usually in a very excited tone — when we ask if she's hungry and then suggest she go to her highchair for lunch/dinner/snacks. "Onion" [MP3] first popped up, I think, around the time I made Pille's upside down onion pie. And then, over the weekend, Evelin was asking Celeste about her cousins as she flipped through a book of pictures and while she didn't try to say Lucy's name, she was very good at saying "Anna" [MP3].

Other words I haven't been able to record include: "O.J.," "bus" (which last night lead to tears when she wanted to point to the bus on the cover of Things that Go and I thought she was saying "bath"), "baa-baa" (sheep), "da-da"/"daddy," and "mumma."

She also is blending words, sounds, and signs to tell little stories or to try to get us to understand what she wants or is thinking about. The other day she said that Evelin was on an airplane with some dogs that wanted a bath (or something equally odd). The kicker to it all is that she laughs when we call her on some of the more questionable aspects of her stories ... she has a sense of humor and a pretty good one at that.

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Highchair is adorable!!
You should see her scream it as she runs to the highchair ... that's adorable (although not as cute as the dash to the bathtub after dropping her clothes in the hamper ...)
whoah - can I take credit (indirectly, of course) for Celeste being able to say "onion" then? ;)
I'd say the onion pie definatly gave her an impetus to say it, so go ahead and take the credit. Now, if she says sibul then I'll know it was you ...
So you speak Estonia, T?
SOrry, obviously it was supposed to be "do you speak Estonian" alias "kas Sa räägid eesti keelt?"
Sorry for the typo..
Alas, no ... I can pick out a word or two here and there and use a dictionary, but that's it. German's the only non-English language I could claim to speak ... and I only speak that well enough to get myself into trouble in a bar.
awww how cute!
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