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Friday, June 09, 2006

Birthday−1 Boy 

I'm way behind on blogging lots of things; hopefully this weekend I'll catch up, but I need to blog this first. Tomorrow is my 37th birthday. I'm low-key about these things in general, but there is an any-excuse-for-cake crowd in the office, so I ended up being fêted this afternoon.

Later in the day, a coworker walked by in the hall and congratulated me on my birthday. He then asked: "Are you older than me?" I said, I don't know; how old are you? "46," came the reply....

He seemed a little embarrassed to find that I was a decade younger than him, but at the same time how ragged (and graying) do I look for him to have thought I was closer to 50 than he is?

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Happy Birthday Carter!
Happy b-day (if belatedly so)!
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