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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Congratulations to Ikea ... 

... for creating realistic living spaces in its showrooms that invite you to loose your sense of place and to imagine that you too can live in a nicely organized home with clean lines, Swedish books (which I’m still a bit perturbed aren't actually for sale), and creative use of color and patterns.

Of course there are indications that some two-year-olds might become a little confused when they turn a corner, find a nicely appointed bathroom complete with a Lättsam, and get the feeling.

Fortunately, the ever aware father who was looking at the kitchen cabinets around said corner, made it into the bathroom before any "business" was completed.

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What? They have decent books which are not for sale? Here it's just rubbish returns they buy in bulk when the publishers want to scrap them, AFAIK. How cruel!
I'm sure most of the books are rubbish, why else would there be upwards of 40 copies of them on one Billy, but the Storasyster & Lillebror books are kinda cute ...
Hey there! I've lost your email address and it is very cleverly hidden from view here on your blog.
THANK YOU for supporting the SUSAN G KOMEN Race for the Cure!
You are gutsy to go to IKEA. Everytime I get in there I get frustrated by how hard it is to get back out!
Anyway, thanks again for your support, Carter!
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