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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Baseball Gris-Gris 

I'm not sure what worked, but I dare not change anything. I started off the evening watching the BoSox on the basement TV, moving upstairs to my position dead center on the couch in time for the start of the 3rd inning. I had an old baseball that I found while cleaning out some old boxes Sunday night, and it seemed to work some magic. Using it as a gris-gris, I griped the ball tight at twisted it with each Yankee pitch starting with Félix Heredia’s last hurl of the 6th inning. I also kept checking to make sure I was sitting dead center on the couch, and my feet fell asleep a few times because I kept my legs crossed, but it was worth it. The Sox looked sharp, let's see it continue.

Moving away from baseball, Evelin scheduled the mock transfer for the 21st. This is a sort of test run for the IVF embryo transfer to give the doctor a heads up about any anatomical issues that could cause a problem. It's better to find out now, well before we get too far into the IVF process, than to run into trouble just at the point when the embryo is supposed to move in ...

Other stuff that I haven't commented on: Congratulations to Bob Graham on a well run campaign that never took off (and on the wisdom to bow out when he did -- now please go and hold your senate seat for the Democrats); California ... jeez, California; Roy Horn (of Siegfried and Roy) ... I've seen the white tigers at The Mirage a few times now, but never the magic act, I hope Roy recovers and that their show doesn't remain dark, but I also want to know what sort of microphone he was using to swat the tiger ...

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