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Monday, October 20, 2003

Slow Road to Recovery 

A fairly quiet weekend as I continued on the slow road to recovery (at least until the 2004 Red Sox start up). Okay, I'm going to have to move beyond Game 7 at some point, so I'll try to not mention the malaise for a few more months at least. But before fading out entirely, S--- sent me this Bill Simmons column, which really sums up a lot of feelings nicely. And Dan Shaughnessy's column from Saturday is a good read, too. Of course the best read is the Friday editorial from the New York Post. If only it could have been ...

We had a quiet weekend. Evelin and J--- made Hallowe'en petits fours for their book club on Saturday, and that night we went out with friends to Chinatown. Actually, we were going to go to Jaleo, but it was an hour-and-a-half wait for a table, so we walked around until something looked interesting. We ended up a Lei Garden and then stopped by Fado for little while afterwards. D.C.'s Chinatown has never been very big, but it always seems odd to me that it used to be home to a good Brazilian restaurant and now it has an Irish pub.

Sunday, Evelin noticed that the sink upstairs wasn't shutting off properly (it was more of a stream than a drip), so I took things apart to see what sorts of seals I needed from Home Depot to fix things. At the store, Evelin was looking at the new faucets and we decided to just scrap the old fixture (which Evelin has hated pretty much since we bought the house) and to replace it. It wasn't too bad of a chore (only one return trip to Home Depot for some plumber's putty and replacement feeder hoses), but, like most of the things in our house, a previous owner jury-rigged a few things, so I had to add to improvise a little in how the drain feeds into the trap (basically, the seal wasn’t 100% water tight because of this extender tube that’s needed to reach the outflow pipe, but I'm pretty sure I have things fixed up now). One day we'll get the bathroom redone, and at that point we can get the pipes redone properly ...

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