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Thursday, October 28, 2004

86 The Curse 

So there's a expression "to 86," which means "to abandon" or "to reject." There are a lot of folk etymologies for the expression — the name for a frequently raided speakeasy during Prohibition, diner slang, Cockney rhyming slang (86 = nix), etc. — but I don't think there's a definitive answer. But that doesn't matter. What's important is that this is 2004, and 2004 is 86 years since 1918. And ...

The Red Sox Won the World Series!

I don't know if it was "Tessie" or just the wisdom of Theo or what, but we beat the Hated Yankees to win the ACLS and we swept the Cardinals to win the Series. I've been hearing some talk about how this was an uninspiring series because the Beloved BoSox dominated, but it sure didn't feel like it. The last three games were only three-point affairs. Until that last out, I was on the edge of my seat worried that something would happen to twist it all back on us.

But it didn't happen. Evelin said she knew this was the year because if we could end up having a baby — and especially one without all sorts of medical intervention — then the Sox could win it all.

Celeste was there for most of the games, although she did sleep during a lot of them (although not too restfully; every time I applauded a play, she would jump). During Game 4, she spent almost the entire game sleeping on my chest and shoulder, but I made sure to wake her up to watch Foulke's last pitches to Rentería. She may not remember it, but she saw it. The whole world saw it.

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(Stupid comment spam making me delete the wrong comment by mistake ...)
I like Evelin's logic!! :-)
Evelin's always been very logical ... :-)
We're working on that same logic, too... Heresy for this Yankee fan, but whatever works. Cross your fingers for us!
Even a Yankees' fan has to BELIEVE!
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