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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Breakdancing Baby 

She doesn't quite have her hand glide down but Celeste started breaking today. Usually when we put her down in the living room, she is on the zebra rug, but today, for no particular reason, I put Celeste down on the hardwood floor ... and she took the opportunity to test her mad breakdancing skillz.

I gave her the smiley sun rattle thing that she really likes and the Chicco lion that she sort of likes and she started playing with the rattle. She was on her back and then dropped the rattle to the side and behind her a little. What to do? Well, Celeste rolled over to her stomach (and this from a girl who is not too fond of tummy time) and then used her hands to spin herself into a position where she could pick up the rattle. She played with it on her stomach for a little while before rolling back on to her back (I made sure to get a hand between her head and the floor so that she didn't hurt herself while flipping back on to her back).

She did the same hand-pull move a number of times and even once or twice looked like she might manage an army crawl. I was quite impressed — both by her ability to think of and do this and that she was letting me see a new trick for a change. (<insane jealousy>Usually, she likes to show her mumma these sorts of things first</insane jealousy>.)

The rest of the day was spent with a short (under 2 mile) hike at Greenbelt Park (Celeste is still not 100% sure the Piggyback is fun) and, after Evelin got home and Celeste went to bed, making a very tasty spinach-feta-potato terrine that fell apart when I tried to plate it but tasted exquisite.

Blogger Commenting:
re: jealousy. Just remember she's going to say Da-Da first. And for a long time before she says Mama. She might even start saying Patches CLEARLY and DISTINCTLY before she says Mama. Oh, maybe that's just us. But Mama is not popping out around here!
Well, if my name is "bwaghghghi" then she's clearly saying my name ... otherwise we're only got the inkling of signs and maybe the word Mongolia popping out.

Don't worry, Conor'll be saying Mama soon enough and even if he doesn't say it, you know he loves you best ...
I'm still laughing about the mad breakdancing skillz. Have you seen Napoleon Dynamite? If so, you'll know what I mean when I ask if she has skills with the nunchuks (sp?) yet... otherwise, you'll just shake your head and wonder. (It's worth watching, I've got to say...)
Napoleon Dynamite is on the list to rent, but I can well imagine what the reference is to ...

I got her do to a little breaking today, but I must admit that while her toprock remains terrible (no really control while standing), she did laugh at her old man trying a few old skool poppin' and robot moves ... Mad Skillz.
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