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Sunday, September 25, 2005

She Understands More Than She Lets On ... 

Celeste is working on a number of sounds, but her vocabulary still seems limited to (da[d]), mʊmʊmɐ (mumma), and dɑɑ (dog). There are some "words" that seem connected with bird and book and a few other things, but dɑɑ remains her signature word. See a dog on the street: "dɑɑ!"; see a picture of a dog: "dɑɑ!"; hear a dog barking: sometimes "dɑɑ!"; other times a sort of squeaky little chirp. Turns out, that little squeak is her barking.

Evelin discovered the other day that if you ask Celeste what a dog says she makes that little squeak-bark. Today, I asked her what a lion says and she gave a big growl, the same as she does on the "too fierce" page of Dear Zoo.

She can point to other people's nose or ears (she's less certain about her own), but she can point to both her own bellybutton and to mine. Also, she is following some directions, including fairly complicated things like "go over to the couch and pull yourself up."

"Don't throw your food," however, seems to be a sentence she cannot understand no matter how often we repeat it ...

Blogger Commenting:
Re-read this when she is 12. It sounds exactly like my niece. Left to her own devices, she can do anything. But the minute an adult she loves is around she gets all helpless!
Wait a second ... I thought it would get easier (at least in some regards) as she gets older ...
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