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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Antenatal Eating 

I'm not talking about breastfeeding (although Quinn is doing quite well at it and is definitely growing); I'm just talking about the adults and Celeste.

Last time I was on paternity leave, I got the chance to do some good cooking, but this time because so much time/energy is devoted to watching/distracting Celeste, I haven't been able to cook as much. While my folks were here, I did make two of Pille's recipes — her upsidedown onion pie and her blueberry tart — and last night I made a mushroom–asparagus risotto.

The onion pie came out very nice, and worked very well as a dinner considering that I don't eat meat and my father only eats a scant handful of vegetables. The blueberry tart was tasty, although my mother and I were trying to do six things at once and trying to convert measurements from metric on the fly led to one or two "Did we forget the [fill in the blank]?" moments. I think it might have been a soupçon better if we'd been paying more attention ...

Tonight, a neighbor brought by not only a lasagna, but a full meal: bread, salad, lasagna, and cookies. Yummmmmm.

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Glad to hear that the upside down onion pie came out well (better than last time?) and that the blueberry tart was tasty. Sorry for using the Euro-measurements though:)
Yep, the third time was better than the second (I think I went overboard with the cheese that time and it just didn't bind together right).

As for the metric thing, it's our own fault for not getting with the rest of the world ...
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