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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Confession and Literal Nature 

First the confession: The umbilical stump freaks me out. On Celeste, the clip left it really squished and pointy, but it was pointing straight up. For Quinn, it's curved back and scratches her stomach some. Quinn's also seems to get tugged more often, with a bit of occasional bleeding; nothing serious, just bits of blood around the bottom.

I'm also a little scared that the stump will turn into a freakish outie. I hope that doesn't make me some kind of bellybutton bigot ...

The literal nature thing relates to Celeste. We have these Easter eggs I picked up in Munich years ago — they're pretty, but nothing special, although I'm still surprised I got them back to the States in one piece — and Evelin hung them from the chandelier in the diningroom/playroom. Celeste was very interested in them and every time I lifted her in or out of her highchair, she would gesture toward them.

I decided to let her get a close up look, but told her she couldn't touch them with her hands — only with her eyes. Now, whenever she's looking at them, Celeste moves her head in as close as she can and gives the eggs a little headbutt.

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"Bellybutton bigot"

Well, it's something I recognize as my problem that I have to get past. And I would oppose any discrimination against someone based upon the convexivity/concavitity of their bellybutton ...
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