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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mushrooms and Talking 

Quinn is talking up a storm [MP3]. Not the same sort of talking as Celeste, but cooing and giggling and making lots of little vocalizations. From the beginning, Quinn has always been a more verbal infant that we remember Celeste being ... which could mean she'll grow to be quite chatty. What's remarkable about all the talking now is that she'd been quite quiet for much of the past week. It might have been because of a leap or a growth spurt or her eye bugging her (it's really hard to say), but this morning she was nonstop chatting. Also nice is that she slept really well last night and she had good naps Friday. I'm sure it's all interconnected ...

Oh, and she turned three months old a few hours ago ...
Quinn at Three Months

In a totally different vein, Evelin and I looked out the back window this morning and we both noted a very big mushroom in the back of the yard. We have a lot of different mushrooms and toadstools and given how wet it's been lately, it's not surprising for one to appear overnight, but this one looked big. A few hours later, while Celeste was having lunch, we looked to see a bunch of sparrows, a grackle, a starling, and a few other birds attacking the mushroom. Since the starling was working hard to keep the other, smaller birds away Evelin decided to go break up the mushroom to make it easier for them all to share.

When she got down to that part of the yard, however, Evelin found it wasn't a mushroom ... it was a very hard loaf of bread. Either someone put it out in their yard and a raccoon or some other animal stole it and dropped it in our yard. Breaking the loaf apart did some good: As I look out the window four starlings are guarding their own piece of break, keeping the sparrows away ...

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