Friday, January 23, 2004

Blogistential Crisis

Last night, Evelin suggested to me that I might be wandering around a bit too much among different blogging subjects for some people.

When I started blogging back in June 2003, it was in large part an outlet for working through some of my thoughts/feelings/etc. about the whole infertility thing. And, as we've gone through upswings and downswings in that journey, I've had greater/fewer entries about the whole baby quest.

I also wanted a means to force myself to write for myself more, although not necessarily about myself. This is what's led to lots of entries about things in the zeitgeist that caught my attention.

Looking through the Blog Glossary, I have difficulty trying to figure out what sort of blog "Lifechanges ... Delayed" is:

I am not a linguablog by any means, but I do like languages and blog about them a lot (plus I enjoy mixing scripts and seeing how the browser reacts). I'm not a blawger, but I do talk about law on occasion. I haven't considered blegging. ... usw. The fertility stuff is a journal blog or diary blog, but that's not the entirety of what I'm doing. And then there are the digressions about pandas, zoos, politics, travel, history, and other stray subjects.

I guess this entry is in part a bit of just not having much to write about today (I've been crazy busy at work and I just found out that files I need aren't going to be ready until Monday morning, so I'm thinking of cutting out early -- and this is after not getting in until noon because I had to visit an organization we're doing a contract publishing job for this morning, which meant an hour's drive into the wilds of Virginia.)

Anyway, I'm not stopping blogging by any means. I guess this is just a warning to anyone who blogrolls me that I do ramble on about a wide range of subjects. One day, I'm sure I'll find more focus -- hopefully talking about a baby or two's struggle to acquire language and to figure out what a panda bear is -- but until then, I hope I'm at least interesting and coherent.

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