Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Exciting, Scary, Sleepless

Well, Celeste has made it through two nights at home. She really likes hanging out with us and seems to have a bit of day-night confusion: She sleeps for longer stretches (and a little more independently) during the day than at night. And she really doesn't like that the doctor wants us to wake her up every two to three hours to feed.

But what she really seems to love is to sleep on one of us. Just lay down in bed or lean back in a recliner or other soft chair and she snuggles up on my or Evelin's chest like an Anne Geddes baby. It's so sweet and comfortable and I can still feel her warmth on my sternum even though it's been more than an hour since Evelin took her away for a snack and a nap.

I still need to post the birth story and other tales of the first week of fatherhood, but right now I think I need to move laundry to the dryer and get back to making a tomato tart for dinner. (Paternity leave, even if it's involving lots of phone calls and e-mail exchanges, is giving me time to do a little bit of cooking, which is good. Plus K--- and T---, who drove down from Massachusetts for Labor Day Weekend (it turned out to be a bit quite the different visit from what they'd expected), brought us tons of tomatoes that are going to go bad if I don't do something drastic with them ...)

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!


Anita said...

Yay! Yay! YAy yay yay! I can't stop saying yay!

I just called out to Dave that you posted and we were so excited to read about your first few days and nights!

I *love* the name Celeste! It is perfect for this little girl!

No, they don't like waking up for feeding, eh!? Has she started yelling at you for changing her diaper?! We still get to experience that many times daily.

And the chest snuggles are the absolute BEST!!! Those are my absolute favorite things!!

YAY! YAY! YAY! Again!!

T. Carter said...

She's a very modest girl who hates having her pants off. Last night she figured out that if she locks her ankles together it makes it that much harder to get her out of a diaper!

This is really cool, scary, and amazing, but really really cool...

Anonymous said...

You sound so giddy... and that fatherhood suits you fine! I am so glad all that you are experiencing in the first few weeks you are sharing with Evelin together, it's quite an adjustment. I can't wait to hear how things progressed to the moment Elinore made her debut!

Your memory of her when recalling her warmth still felt on your chest after Evelin took her for feeding and a nap is so are a great daddy. =)

Regards to Evelin!


Karen said...

I'm actually just testing this. Took me forever to get signed on to blogger. I hope you have a chance to post this weekend. We want to hear how things are going!