Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Horizontal Alarm

Celeste has this neat trick of knowing exactly when we're putting her down to sleep. If she falls asleep on one of us or while being held, she's fine. But if we then lay her down in her crib, it takes two minutes (or less) for the horizontal alarm to kick in letting her know that she's been abandoned. At that point, the wailing component of the alarm system kicks in and doesn't stop until she is no longer horizontal. A similar version kicks when we lay her down on the changing table, although that one sometimes adds a spraying mechanism to the wail.

Despite this, Celeste does have a cute cry; it's getting louder, but it's still cute.

The Baby Monitor

Just a stray observation: When the baby monitor is placed too near another electrical device (clock, lamp, laptop, etc.), it will start to pull in SportsTalk 980. Any noise from Celeste will overpower the AM signal, but the station is still audible.

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