Monday, December 13, 2004

Is Anybody Out There?

Celeste in her Christmas best

Well, I wouldn't blame anyone if they aren't reading this anymore. I have been a total slacker for the past month (and I haven't been too on the ball since Celeste was born). Evelin thinks I'm not motivated anymore because at least one lifechange is no longer delayed; I think it's because I'm just tired and distracted by work (and maybe still burned out after the election).

Anyway, a few things I just want to note so that I remember to go back and create real entries at some point — pacifiers; sleep strategies; "better than a lava lamp"; car wreck; demiurban dad; ... — I'm sure there're other entries I've missed. Eventually, I'll get back on track.


Anita said...


He's semi back! And he brought an incredibly cute elf with him!!!!

she is ADORABLE!!!

BTW, my blogging "secret" is when I'm busy to just post a thought or an observation. Too little time for more than that.

We do miss you out here!!

mc said...

Glad you're back -- and that you brought evidence of the reason for your absence! She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Carter, we are out here just waiting in the wings. Well worth the wait... Oh goodness she is such an angel, hi Celeste!

She is so adorable, there are more things that need tending besides I could see who you'd want to spend your spare moments with... don't blame you there!

With your new responsibilities at work, fatherhood and just life generally that's a handful as it is, quite understandable about being burned out. Just glad you are still around.

Hope you are all well and that you have a Happy Holiday. Good Tidings Carter, Evelin and Lil' Celeste.


VHMPrincess said...

Good to see you posting! I found your blog while you weren't posting and I've been checking back - she's beautiful!

T. Carter said...

Thanks everybody and, Anita, I may make use of your "secret" ... actually, that is what explains today's Bad Marketing Poetry.

KirstenM said...

Just discovered your blog today, and will read more later (in the after-Christmas calm I hope). But just wanted to say - as soon as you mention a birth and then sleep strategies, no further explanations are necessary for an absent blogger!