Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Itchy, Itchy, Itchy

I am a dermatological mess right now. Not only have I been using duct tape [PDF] to attack two small warts, but I seem to have strayed into some poison ivy or something last week … and it took me a few days to realize it. I just thought it was some bug bites or something, but it's since spread across much of my torso, to both arms, and a bit on my legs.

While I seem to have gotten this all over myself, Celeste and Evelin have been spared, thankfully.

I had been trying Band-Aid Anti-Itch Gel, which worked a little bit, but this morning I switched over to Calamine Spray, which is basically calamine lotion in a spray can. I'm not sure if it's messier than the lotion or not, but being able to basically spray paint myself Pepto-Bismal Pink has to be an advantage, right?

My guess is that when I hopped the neighbor's fence to do some quick weeding among their azaleas — they're on the old side and have given us permission to knock down things on the hill next to our house — I must have gotten into something. I don't see anything over there, and the vines I pulled up didn't look like poison ivy, but who knows … I obviously got into something.

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