Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kia Ora

Yesterday, I found myself being discussed on Kiwi FM. This sort of thing has happened before, of course, because I often listen to far-flung radio stations and occasionally send in an e-mail.

This time, I caught the chorus of a very catchy song — Cut the red wire / Or cut the blue wire / And see if she blows — that sounded a bit like Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Conner or something else dance-pop-punky. Since Kiwi FM is 100% Kiwi music, I knew it wasn't one of them, and the station website doesn't offer a played tracks ticker or anything ... so I sent an e-mail. It was around 5:30 a.m. NZDT, so no-one was in the studio yet, but a few hours later, I heard my name on air.

Apparently, U.S. postal abbreviations aren't immediately recognizable that far south, because before they figured out what track I was asking about, they were trying to figure out where I was e-mailing from; the consensus seem to be somewhere in Canada. I e-mailed back and said I was just outside of DC, and they then figured out that VA = Virginia.

The song, by the way, is "Bomb Squad" by Motocade, and the band is offering the track as a free CD-quality download from its MySpace (scroll down). If you like that guitar-driven dancy sound, it's totally worth the bandwidth to download.

Back to Kiwi FM, I have to wonder what the morning listeners in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch think about their DJs going on about online listeners. I had the same question in my mind when I had a longish e-mail exchange with Jason Shand of Moray Firth FM and he'd reply to my e-mail over the air for all of Inverness (or at least anyone listening around midnight) to hear. And it can't be any worse than when I was a Cub Scout and our pack took a field trip to a local radio station and were let on air ...
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patrick said...

Life just good indeed weird comment posting man. Rock on.

As for Kiwi FM, they're in not should good shape market share wise. Which may explain the ramblings of their DJs. I think they're the worst rating English-language station in AKL, or at least one of the worst.

Still, air time is air time. Good job. Glad they eventually nailed your origin. 9 out of 10 times I'm accused of being Canadian myself.

T. Carter said...

Yeah, I don't know too much about the station, but since Scottish stations can't stream outside the U.K. any more, I was looking around for something else to tune to and Kiwi FM's definitely playing stuff I don't hear elsewhere. I imagine it's a tough market position for them: New Zealanders may want to support local music/musicians, but a diet of just Kiwi music (and often a mish-mash of styles) probably grows old for listeners who want to hear the local stuff mixed in with international chart hits ...