Tuesday, January 16, 2007

8 Minutes on Tuesday

Celeste didn't nap, but Quinn slept well for nearly two hours. When she woke up, we decided to make a short film demonstrating Quinn's new consonants and her rapidly increasing scooting skillz. Celeste provides commentary, directorial suggestions, and a aside into the secret lives of buses. (YouTube limits uploads to 100 MB, so this one is hosted through Google Video.)


duranjt said...

Hey Carter! O MY!! Your kids are adorable!! :) For some reason, Shannon sent me a pic of you both at Scholars and it made me think to look you up. Looks like much is well in your house, and similar to mine! We have twin boys that are just a week younger than Quinn...April 21. (we also have 2 girls, age 7 and 9) Anyway...hope all is well with you...things are busy here! Drop me a line sometime!!
Nicole (Candell) Landon

Anonymous said...

Hi Carter and Evelin! Happy New Year. Whoa have your kids grown, and they are both beautiful.

I like Quinn's method of moving around, it's cute to see that. My niece "scooted" around a long time before she started crawling. It's so cute to see how the two are very independent doing what they find interesting.

I am impressed how Celeste seems to love reading/being read to. You guys have great kids. Take care and love all the updates! Thanks for sharing these tidbits of video, audio and such.