Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Conversations With Celeste

There's a ton I need to blog — Vegas, New England, first child vs. second child, usw. — but I've been too swamped to blog it all. Still, there are a few things Celeste has been saying that I don't want to lose:

First, a few weeks ago she had a little cut on her hand, so I put some hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on it. She fairly quickly recoiled and started crying, "It stings like mad!"

Second, a fairly common statement from Celeste these days: "I'm looking all over Maryland." This is usually said when she can't find Ripley or a book or something else ... and usually when she's just staring at one corner of the room.

Third, this afternoon on the way back to the car from the library, Celeste parked herself behind one of the columns that supports the canopy over the sidewalk to the parking lot and refused to move. I tried encouraging her to keep walking with me and Quinn and she said, "Uhm, no. I'm just standing here for no good reason."

A non-Celeste comment from the library. Quinn was stalking one of the librarians, walking over to her, pointing to her, asking her to pick her up, etc. D---, the librarian, has always liked Quinn and every time we see her there, she looks for a smile from Quinn. D--- made a comment to be about how friendly Quinn is, and I agreed saying she's quite the social butterfly ... which is quite different from her sister. D--- agreed, saying that she's tried to talk to Celeste a few times, but it's like talking to a wall.

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