Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Celeste wasn't too keen on the Thanksgiving festivities at my cousin's this afternoon. Soon after we arrived, she was sulking around my legs and saying she wanted to go home. Eventually she warmed up to some of her second cousins' toys and a big block of stilton.

A bit later, however, she ran over crying about a noise. It might have been a passing plane or something on the street or ... we're not sure what. No one else heard it, but it upset Celeste. After a little talking she calmed down and went back to playing. (Quinn throughout all of this was very busy with various toys and meeting people.)

We made it through dinner — Quinn had a good meal; Celeste mostly ate cranberry sauce, cornbread, and butter — and when ice cream popped up for dessert, Celeste said "Maybe that noise was my stomach. Maybe it was hungry for ice cream."

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Unknown said...

T. Carter Ross, this is Heather Powers. Cashman Prince is coming to church with me today. We are all in DC with Kent Laborde right now. Big hugs to you and the beautifyl children!