Sunday, September 07, 2008


Those who know me have probably heard one of my sneezes. They tend to be loud and violent. I actually hit my head on my desk once as my body contorted in a sneeze — maybe it happened more than once ... the head blows may have caused some memory loss.

Last week, I was helping Quinn with her shoes and was struck with a sneeze fit. Quinn, horrified, turned and told me very sternly: "Daddy! No sneeze. No sneeze on me."

I apologized profusely and she forgave me. But she didn't forget. Later that afternoon, I got a Kleenex-brand facial tissue and blew my nose. Quinn ran over: "Good job, Daddy! You used a tissue!"

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marchenland said...

Giving other people concussions does not give you the right to claim memory loss later. ;)