Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alternative Napkins

Not to make it sound like I'm picking on Celeste here or anything, but she has a really bad habit of running her fingers through her hair. Not that that's a bad thing in and of itself, just she does it when she really needs a napkin instead.

Everyday last week, she came home from nursery school with Cyndi Lauper-esque streaks of vivid color in her hair. Not such a big deal. During dinner, we try to catch her and stop her before it happens, but if there's something messy on her hand, it's going to end up becoming a hair-care product.

Thankfully, she's gotten a lot more tolerant of having her hair washed.

Today, we went to South Mountain Creamery for their spring family farm festival. It's the third such event we've been to there (on top of just stopping by to feed the calves two or three times), and we all enjoy it: the hay ride, the surrey ride, seeing the cows get milked, feeding the calves, baby chicks, the hay slide, the fresh ice cream, etc.

Now how does going to the farm coincide with Celeste's napkin habits? Well, while we were in the calf barn, Celeste grabbed a handful of the dry food out of one of the calf's buckets and held it up to calf so she could lick it out of her hand. The calf was happy to oblige and Celeste was having a great time. And then, her hand went up and through her hair — cow spit, grain bits and all. Another couple who were watching their son watch Celeste feed the calf made quite a sound as I'm saying "Celeste, no!" and watching the hand approach her head in what seemed to be slow motion. And then she grabbed another handful, fed it to calf, and did it all again.

Lather – Rinse – Repeat


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Mikaela seems to have a similar habit. Or maybe it's just that no matter what we do with it her hair always seems to be in her face - and thus also in her food, in her sticky honey, in her runny egg yolks...

She is *gradually* getting better at the hair washing thing too.

T. Carter said...

It's good to know it's not just Celeste, then! (Quinn tends to use her shirt instead of a napkin ...) Celeste's hair used to be in the food all by itself, but ever since she cut it because it was in her eyes, we've been keeping it short. I have a habit of running my hand over my head a lot so maybe it's genetic ...