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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Cookies ... 

Well, at first I thought the yellowjacket sting wasn't too bad. Earlier this summer, Evelin got stung while she was staining one of the Adirondack chairs, and it swelled up real good. Whether it was because of the drugs she was on at the time (we'd started the Gonal-f about the time this happened) or because she went in and took a nap after getting stung, the itching and swelling were quite impressive. My leg, on the other hand, looked good on Monday. It was red and hurt, but by the evening it wasn't itching or looking too red. We were wondering if maybe Evelin had a low-level allergy or if it was the drugs or if I metabolized the venom more quickly because we still had 2 miles to hike after I got stung. Well, yesterday afternoon the truth came out. This thing is itching and stinging, and this morning it was even worse! Oh well, just slather on the Cortaid and try not to scratch ...

Oh, and I was bad yesterday. A friend of Evelin's from Babydust sent her some cookies to cheer her up after the miscarriage, and I told her that I wanted to add a P.S. to the thank you note: "Still sad. Send more cookie. Thank you." Cookies, yum.

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