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Friday, September 05, 2003

Quiet day ... 

One of those days. Well, actually, it's two sorts of days: the weather has FINALLY changed from the rain and heat to a nice cool breeze, which makes it a good weekend to head out to the mountains or something; but it's also a weird calm panic period at work with two issues starting production on Monday and I'm not sure if there's enough copy for both/either and I'm not sure how its all going to get done without 15-hour days. Adding to the mix is looking ahead to upcoming contract publishing projects and how they all sit on top of each other and the regular issues. It would be nice -- while in the mountains enjoying this weather -- to find a small cave to crawl up into to hide for a few months.... Oh, and there's a baby shower in the office this afternoon, so I had to run out to Babies 'Я' Us quickly at lunch...

Quick round up of other things:

Evelin made an appointment for the week after next with the PGD doctor, so I guess we'll find out then more details about what it will entail, what it can help discover, and so forth.

Traffic last night wasn't too bad, despite the NFL attack on The Mall.

The Democratic debate last night was interesting. Dean held his own, but didn't shine, unfortunately; Mosely-Braun had some solid positions and very good points; Lieberman should stop trying to use Spanish and he really should look at his chances in the Republican primary; Edwards and Gephardt had some good moments, as did Graham and Kerry, but nothing stellar; and Kucinich ... hello ... nice righteous anger, but it's not going to beat Bush. It's too bad Sharpton's plane didn't make it, and Clark ... if you're in, get in. If not, talk to Dean or Kerry about the VP slot.

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