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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


I'm testing out the new commenting function Blogger added on Sunday. For the moment, I'm keeping the Enetation commenting live for right, but it may go away in the near future. Plus, the Blogger commenting will archive along with the posts (I think), so that may be the best option for long-term continuity.

[UPDATE: Okay, I was wrong. I did end up REMing out the lines for the old commenting. I may at some point try to transfer comments from the old system to the new one, but I'm not thinking that's likely at the moment ...]

[UPDATE: Okay, I was wrong again. I think I'll keep both commenting systems up for now.]

[UPDATE: Karen pointed out that Blogger has things defaulting so that only registered Blogger users can comment; I've changed the settings so that everyone should be able to leave comments.]

Blogger Commenting:
Just a quick test.
I was having the same troubles... both with the comment transition and with loading your page. Anyway, just thought I'd help with the comment testing. :) -J.
Well, I think the comment permissions thing is straightened out. The other thing; I don't know if it's in my template, an add on, or what, but it is irksome ...
Just saw this on Blogger's bug list:

Blog*Spot blogs occasionally render a massive amount of gibberish in Mozilla (due to a complex bug involving gzip). The current workaround is to force-reload the page.
I saw that too, but the only time I ran into it was when using Safari under OS X. The truncating problem I have (and I ran into it on another blog a few days ago) seems to be with the <table> tags or something. Basically, the main text frame loads, but when the link-list frame loads, it's shorter than the main text frame so the main text frame is truncated to the length of the link-list frame. Maybe I need to add a ton more links or something ...
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