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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

No Frickin' Idea What We're Doing ... 

Even though people have been having babies since the dawn of time (how else do you explain that we're all here now), this is so freaky and exciting and terrifying and mystifying. I never ended up getting the crib the other day: Even though Evelin and though we'd decided on one, it turns out we still don't know.

Last night, we went to Babies "Я" Us to try to resolve the crib question and ended up wandering through the store looking at lots of different things (and using the little registry scanner gun, which was fun) but not buying a crib. I think Evelin was having fun, but I'm definitely feeling overwhelmed: little washcloths, bibs, sheets ... there're so many things!

In the same vein as having no idea what they're doing, what is with all the errors from the Red Sox? Considering that Lowe's sinkerball wasn't flying the way it should, the Hated Yankees may have won last night anyway, but three errors last night helped keep the Sox off their game.

Looking over the stats, only the Detroit Tigers have a worse record thus far in terms of number of errors committed thus far in the season. Detroit has 69 as of last night; Boston has 65; in the National League, the Mets and Atlanta Braves are tied at the top with 65 errors each.

Of Boston's 65 errors, ten came over the course of the past seven days, and 23 of them came since 1 June.

Along with the errors, R--- just pointed out to me that the Red Sox have given up the most unearned runs of any team in the major leagues -- 58 thus far. The next highest are Arizona with 49 and, in the American League, Kansas City with 46.

One nice moment in the Bronx last night, however: Dick Cheney received a Bronx cheer when his face appeared on the Jumbotron during the 7th inning stretch. (Via Daily Kos)

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I was having fun ... but I do feel bad about not getting a crib. Just can't committ!!!

Love, E
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