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Friday, October 07, 2005

Rogue Recyclers Redux 

I heard back from the county about the rogue recyclers. It turns out there's been a change in subcontractors on top of the city handing off the responsibility for recycling to the county. Somewhere along the line the fact that part of my street is a Thursday pickup for trash and recycling while the rest (including my part) is a Friday pickup didn't make it all the way down the line. According to the e-mail I received today from the county:
Recently, there have been some personnel changes within Waste Management, the contractor responsible for collecting in this area is new. This has resulted in some of the Friday bins being collected on Thursday and the contractor did not realize that Longfellow Street was split between two collection days. The contractor has been notified of this unusual collection situation and the area will be closely monitored in the coming weeks to ensure that the recycling is collected on the designated collection days.
So I guess there's not much money to be made as a "freelance" recycler ...

One funny aside: I guess using a first initial with my name (T. Carter Ross) threw the person composing the reply e-mail because it was addressed to "Citizen Ross." I've had instances before where people think "Carter Ross" is my surname and they don't want to guess the sex of "T.", but this is the first time the appellation/title "Citizen" has been used to address me in that situation. It has a sort-of "soviet chic" feel to it ...

Blogger Commenting:
Citizen Ross has a good ring to it. You could run for office. "Citizen Ross will ensure that your recycling is appropriately collected!" I think it could work...
The other funny bit, and I don't know if this was somesort of civil servent joke or not, but the guy who was writing me's prénom was Che.
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