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Monday, November 14, 2005

Amino Results 

Evelin just got the call from the testing place and the amino results were all normal. All the choromosomes are there; no delitions or inversions detected; no spina bifida. Everything looks good and healthy!

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Good going! When's the due date again?
14 April ... which doesn't sound too far away ...
Wonderful News... and I never congratulated You, Evelin and Celeste! I am tickled pink. How far along are you... Evelin/Carter?

We're going to opt for Amnio this time, too.

And as for Rhye's comment, I'm wondering if YOU'RE tickled pink or tickled blue! :-) I know you're going to keep us in suspense until the end.....
Thanks! Anita, for us the amnio was a given considering how genetically screwed up our IVF showed things to be. I'm sure Evelin would note that the procedure isn't fun, but the needle isn't as big as you'd imagine it might be ...

Evelin's 18.5 weeks along or so, I think ... and right now we're just plain tickled ...
I think it's a boy.

Or a girl.

I'm honestly not sure which.

I could see it being another girl.

or a boy. :-)
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