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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Few More Gerunds 

Nesting ... One toy Celeste is enjoying right now is her mother's old set of matryoshka (матрешка) nesting dolls. We've hidden the two smallest dolls (choking hazards), but Celeste likes taking the others apart and occasionally manages to stack them to one degree or another. Last night, she was working hard with the smallest of the dolls available to her, popping it apart and putting it back to together again. Whenever she got the doll back into one piece, she would clap and raise her arms in triumph ...

Carrying ... When her grandmother was visiting over the weekend, Celeste received a box of Barnum's Animals Crackers. But she hasn't opened them yet. Celeste likes just holding the string and carrying the box around, as well as looking at the animals on the outside. I figure she is going to be upset about how long she's been playing with the box once she finds out what's inside it ...

Sleeping ... Well, I dinna blog it last night because Celeste'd been sleeping fairly well. Maybe one short wake up in the middle of the night, but easy to soothe back to sleep. Last night, however, was a bad night. Lots of crying, several wakeups, and a trip to our bed. Urgh.

And Now for Something Completely Different

CONGRATULATIONS to Anita and Dave over at This, That and the Mother Thing; to Kay over at narrating kayoz; and (offline) to C--- and J---! Thems a lot of babies (or at least pregnancy announcements) ... And a similar CONGRATULATIONS to Tiffanni and Dan at Try Whistling This for surviving homestudy visit number one.

UPDATE (Thursday morning): And another blinking CONGRATULATIONS goes out to MC and Darren at Running*Cooking*Writing ...

And, yes, I do think that is one of the few instances when the (rightfully disparaged) <blink> tag is allowable.

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Thanks a bunch, Carter! I'm pleased (I think) that this news merits the blinking!
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