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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Biology Major? 

It's obviously way too early for Celeste to worry about career plans, but if she's thinking about going into biology, I hope it works out better for her than it did for Dr. Moreau.

For Christmas, Celeste's cousins gave her a Leap Frog Fridge Farm. We didn't put it up until a week or so ago, and she's since gotten quite good at picking out the half-animals and putting them together to get the various songs/sounds. However, as much fun as it is to make a blue sheep or a pink pig, Celeste seems to find it even funnier to make chimeras — a horse-duck, sheep-cow, duck-pig, etc. Maybe it's just because the song such combinations yields includes a bit of laughter and the admonishment "That's silly!"* She also will do requests. Yesterday, I asked her to make a sheep-duck and she put together the requested halves in the right order.

The Fridge Farm is pretty cool in that it lets her hang out in the kitchen while I'm prepping differ or something without getting into (as much) trouble, but it seems to stay positioned at just the right angle that if I open the fridge too far — something that is necessary to access one of the crisper drawers — it bumps against the doorframe or something setting off Farmer Tad or whatever animal happens to be in the barn at the moment. The first five times that happened, I jumped.

*Silly is a concept Celeste seems to like. You ask her who's silly, she usually says (fairly loudly) "Daddy." Sometimes, she follows up with "Mumma" or, more often, BABY. She hasn't even met her sibling and she's already giving the kid grief ...

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Hey, that's what big sisters are for! Celeste is just perfecting it early...
Yeah, but she isn't even giving her sibling a chance to get born before she's piling on the grief ...
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