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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I don't know what little 黄油条 Huángyóu Tiáo (Butterstick), a.k.a. 太山 Tài Shān, has up his sleeve (so to speak) but today at noon (EST) is the big reveal over at Obey Butterstick.

Apparently, I am a member of his posse, but I know nothing more than the basics of his manifesto: Land! Peace! Bamboo!Obey.

If this turns out to be the typical stupid viral thing or, even worse, a promo for the D.C. Lottery, I am going to be really embarassed ...

UPDATE: Okay, "The Posse Has Gathered" and it has a cafépress shop. I guess we can rule out the D.C. Lottery as being behind this, and must wait some more: There's another counter running on the main Obey Butterstick page that makes it look like the Stage 2 reveal will be on the Ides of March ...

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