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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Butterstick and Mushrooms 

Two disparate entries in one ...

First up, The Stick: Celeste had way too short of a nap this afternoon, just about an hour. When I went upstairs she seemed happy enough and was standing in her crib, but when I asked her if she was supposed to still be asleep, she just looked around sheepishly and said "yuh-huh." She then noticed my Obey Butterstick baseball jersey, got excited, pointed at it and said "Dadda!" and signed BEAR. I asked her where else there was a panda bear in the room and she pointed at the quilt hanging on her wall (correct answer).

Before getting to the mushrooms, a few other cute things from today ... She picked up Evelin's slippers and tried to wear them, then she wanted me to wear them, then she wanted Dee-Dee (her teddy bear) to wear them. Later I lay down on the floor, pretending to be asleep — usually when I do this, Celeste says "No-no" and pulls me upright by my hair, but this time, she lay down too and started treating the floor like she does her crib, rolling around some, pulling things over to her, sitting up and then laying back down. She was tired and ended up in the bathtub before Evelin got home.

And now the mushrooms, I think I need to tap Pille of Nami-Nami as a menu planner. Seeing her mushroom tart turned soup planted a seed in my mind and since we didn't have anything planned, Celeste and I ran to the market on the way home from the park and picked up a bunch of mushrooms. I didn't purée things as suggested, leaving it nice and chunky, and about half-way through my bowl I realized a little bit of parmesan would be nice with it (which it was).

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Tere T. - you are too kind:) I'm glad the soup turned out well despite being so simple. Actually the original recipe didn't puree the soup either, but being still weak with flu, I needed something that didn't require any chewing whatsoever:) I had one portion with blue cheese and another with cottage cheese, but parmesan sounds good, too!
PS Is Evelin Estonian/of Estonian ancestry?
Understandable about the puréeing in that case.

Nope, Evelin's background is Québécois and Italian ...
Oh well, thanks for clarifying that. It's a common name back home and I'm still trying to guess how come you've got an Estonian dictionary:)
BTW - it's our National Day, so I really should cook something very Estonian today. But then there are two parties in Edinburgh to celebrate the occasion, so I may just skip cooking after all..
A huge thanks for visiting my blog every now and then and trusting my recipe suggestions. Much appreciated!
Ah the dictionary! I'm a fan of language in general and work for a trade newspaper with a worldwide reach, so I blend the two as an excuse to by dictionaries for a ton of languages ...

And thank you for posting such tasty recipes ...
Dude, i tried to email you, but it bounced. Did you change addrsses?

Anyway, I'm glad you mentioned Pandas, b/c I was emailing you a panda-related question, to wit:

My cow-orker asked me a question today and -- gasp -- I didn't know the answer. However, I suspect you will.

Where did all those panda cubs come from? There are these photos floating around of 16(?) baby pandas who all look around the same size and we know that pandas only bear 1-2 cubs (if that), so is this some kind of reproductive experiment, a lucky convergence of panda-baby-ness, or a photoshop job?
Wwow. Cna't tpye. Sned mroe cafifeine!
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