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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back to the Grind 

Two days out of paternity leave and I'm still trying to sort out what I need to be focusing on. Quinn came at a very good time: I had an extra week between issues, we'd moved my francophone quarterly from Juin to Mai because of a trade show, and a big trade show in the States had everyone from my department and most of the rest of the company in Las Vegas, so even though I was out two weeks, I don't have as large of a pile of things to do as I might otherwise. Plus, I was able to keep on top of some of the niggling things remotely during naps ...

Still, I do find myself realizing that at times workplace situations can be about as reasonable as a 19-month-old who doesn't want to take a bath. And thinking of that, a bubblebath did not help entice Celeste into the tub tonight.

Celeste is showing a few other signs of the Terrible Twos manifesting early. There's a picture in her room that we had to move away from her crib because she was trying to swing it; tonight, she pushed it when she was supposed to be shutting off the light. She also took two chomps on my finger; I was trying to see if her two-year molars are coming in early (she's drooling a lot and keeping a finger or three in her mouth all the time) and she obligingly opened wide only to nip me good. I gave her a warning, but she did it a second time and then made little chomp-chomp-chomp motions with her mouth. Evelin and I need to figure out how to nip this in the bud, so to speak.

Other than that, she's being well behaved. We went out with Evelin's mother to the Calvert House Inn for dinner tonight. M--- wanted Turkish coffee, but when we figured that the only Turkish places nearby weren't that close, she said she wanted fresh seafood. Celeste was a little noisy, especially after a firetruck passed down Route 1 and she joined in with the sirens, but otherwise well-behaved. Quinn slept through much of the meal. M--- and Evelin both had the trout (catch of the day) and pronounced it very good; I had a capellini dish that was also tasty. Celeste tore into my side of carrots and garlic mashed potatoes, as well as the hummos appetizer we ordered for her.

Quinn is growing like a weed, I think. She's heavier and longer, although I haven't weighed/measured her to be sure.

One funny thing is that Quinn gets hiccups a lot. Sometimes it's after a feeding; other times they just appear. Celeste thinks it's a riot. Sunday night, she made a fake hiccup noise and then ordered Evelin to do the same. She then pointed at me and I hiccupped like a fool. Then Celeste paused for a moment and said "Baby!" and pointed at Quinn. Quinn didn't perform on command, but she did hiccup a little later in the evening ...

Go Sawx!

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Great photo, Dad!

You know, work can really make you want to just keep working and not take time off. Sometimes getting behind isn't worth the time off. In your case I'm sure it was, but a lot of times....
Thanks! And you're right about work; it's really pernicious that way ...
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