Monday, November 01, 2004

N No More

Well, Celeste is definitely getting bigger. We have used the last of the N-sized diapers and won't be buying any more. She's wearing size 1s now and there's no going back!

Actually, it's pretty obvious she's getting bigger. We can look back at some of the clothes we had her in her first two weeks and she now fits into them. The preemie clothes a friend loaned us when Celeste was born have been sent back; I don't think they fit after the fourth week or so.

And ...she's holding up her head (some). If she's tired, her head flops a lot, but if she's rested he can be propped up without us having to hold her head up. Plus she's really good with tummy time.

And while I'm bragging, she is smiling occasionally (and we're pretty sure it's real smiles, not gas), but she seems to smile more at her mobile or bunny than at her mother or me. Oh well...

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Anonymous said...

Ha!! You should have been here for the huge smiles I was getting while you were at the farmer's market this morning!!!