Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Brain Dump to Blog

Just a quick brain dump. I really need to give Celeste a full third gerunds [ 1 | 2 ] entry, but the quick run down is toddling, eating, teething, sleeping/napping, bumping, and purring [WAV*].

I'm getting caught up with work, but have signed on to participate in a seminar panel tomorrow ... and I'm a bit terrified. I don't do public speaking, but the seminar topic is personally and professionally interesting and I might actually have something to contribute, so I agreed. Urgh.

* Okay, I can't let the soundfile go uncommented. Over the weekend, Evelin started asking Celeste about cat noises; figuring "meow" might be too difficult, she focused on purring. Celeste is now blowing a big raspberry when we ask what a cat says. The WAV doesn't quite do her justice (she was busy trying to play when I decided to try to record her), but it is pretty funny ... and, if you're in her line of spit, wet.

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