Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Talking Back

Celeste's proficiency with signs is exploding. Until yesterday, if you asked her about dogs, the would look around and make her little bark; now, if you mention dogs, she pats her leg to make the sign for DOG. For the longest time, MILK was her most frequent sign, but now she seems to be picking up and using signs every day: WATER, EAT, MORE, ALL DONE, CHEESE (although she also used that same hand motion for BANANA .. the main difference being the chanting of "nan-nan-nan-nan-a" when she wanted banana), PLANE, NAP/SLEEP, BOOK, UP, GORILLA (which she picked up from From Head to Toe), ...

She also still really likes the BABY sign, but I'm not sure she's 100% clear on the concept. She will sign BABY when she sees a baby in real life or in a picture, but when she looks at a picture of Evelin and me, she will say "mumumma" when I point at Evelin. When I point at me, she signs BABY. 1312-months old and she's already dissing me left and right.

The other new sign is NO. She is a pro at shaking her head NO if she doesn't want something. If she signs WATER but really means she wants some of my Diet Coke, she will shake her head NO as the cup approaches, waving it off with her hand if I get too close. Last night, we asked her if she wanted the purple pyjamas or the white ones: lots of NO shaking. (She hates putting on pyjamas.)

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