Sunday, September 10, 2006

Maine Day 1: We Arrive

After a leisurely breakfast with the grandparents and one great-grandmother, we were back in the car by 10:00 a.m. We had to make it up to Denmark to meet D--- by 2:00 p.m.; traffic wasn't too bad and we only had one feeding stop (unfortunately, both girls fell asleep about 20 minutes before we arrived at the camp and woke up as soon as got there), so we made it in plenty of time to get instructions about the wood stove, closing everything up when we left, and a short tour around the pond.

It was the first boat ride for Celeste and for Quinn, and neither of them was too keen about the life preservers. Quinn, I think, was a bit overcooled by the combination of drool and wind; Celeste was probably a little cool, a bit tired, and two years old.

Celeste Feeds Abe the Dog Among the instructions D--- left us is that Celeste needs to feed the dog. She is very happy with this, offering the big dog (who was carved with a chainsaw out of a log by one of D---'s sons) corn on the cob pretty much every hour.

It's a really nice little place, very quiet (most of the camps/houses around the lake are summer places and are vacant at the moment). There is the main bedroom, which is where Celeste is staying; and then one open great room with the kitchen, a breakfast nook, and a sitting/living room. Above the bedroom, and open to the rest of the house, is a loft with two beds. Evelin and I are up there; Quinn is staying in the main room. The sleeping arrangements aren't ideal (I can see myself sleepily falling out of the loft when headed down to help Quinn or Celeste in the middle of the night), but it makes the most sense as far as giving Celeste a place to fall asleep without us having to try carrying anyone up the ladder the loft.

Once we unloaded the car and D--- and B--- headed off, I drove over to Bridgton to pick up groceries for the week. We ended up grilling some fresh local corn and roasted some onions and Maine potatoes for dinner and after the girls went to bed, Evelin and I had a taste of some Blacksmiths Maine Raspberry wine. (Nice berry burst at first, but it quickly turned a little harsh.)

There are a fair number of common loons (Gavia immer) on the lake and we heard a few calling in the evening and saw one on our boat tour of the pond. D--- said we can expect to see a lot more during the week.
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