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Friday, July 08, 2005

Bargin Bob's Stroller City 

So Celeste still has her old Baby Trend Snap 'n Go in the basement, her Combi Savvy Soho umbrella stroller, and as of Wednesday night, she has a pre-owned Baby Jogger Performance Series jogstroller. Tired of slamming the Soho through the ruts and potholes in our streets and sidewalks, Evelin had been cruising Freecycle and craigslist for a few weeks looking for a jogging stroller. While in Atlanta, we called a consignment shop N--- knew of and tried to buy another off one of her friends — all to no avail. When we got home, however, craigslist had just what Evelin had been looking for.

She made the call and set up the deal, and I made the trip to Chevy Chase View/Bethesda after work to pick up the stroller. It's a serious machine, able to take the worst our city streets and sidewalks can offer, but it also isn’t as quick and easy to fold up for storage. C'est la vie.

Yesterday, I took the new stroller (and Celeste) for a long walk over to the Riverdale Park Farmers Market. With the remanents of Tropical Storm Cindy threatening, there were fewer stalls than usual (and a few deals: two bags of baby chard, a bunch of chives and some beets for $5; I took the chard, but passed on the beets and chives, leaving the two running the booth eyeing the clouds and looking for someone who liked beets to buy the last of their produce so they could get out of there).

On the walk home, it started spitting a little bit — nothing too bad, but Celeste didn't seem to really like it. The sun shade kept her from getting wet (and there really wasn't much rain at that point), but she was pulling her feet up like she wanted to get away from whatever water was reaching her.

On Tuesday afternoon, we had a nice thunderstorm and she enjoyed standing on the porch and holding her hands out into the rain, but I guess being strapped into a chair and having rain being pushed on to her wasn't as much fun.

Considering how Evelin's been working craigslist and Freecycle lately, I was certian she'd end up a Ferengi in this "Which Star Trek Alien Are You?" quiz. It turns out she's equal parts Klingon (45%) and Vulcan (45%) — there must have been something in her answers that tipped it to Klingon, that's what the final result said despite the tied score. Cardassian, Jem'Hadar, Bajoran, and Ferengi were tied at 40%, followed by 35% Romulan and 30% Borg.

I came up with a three-way tie Romulan (60%), Bajoran (60%), and Vulcan (60%), with the tip going to Romulan. I was only 15% Ferengi and 20% Borg. With the other races being in the 30% or 40% range.

Blogger Commenting:
Glad you're back, bud. At least you've been busy and not just slackin'
85% Klingon. 65% Vulcan. Everything else too low to mention. That was SUCH a gimme. Although, it would have been a good day to rent asunder any quiz writers who might have implied I was something like a Ferengi. Had they dared.

Have you ever met the Klingons at the Star Trek Experinece in Vegas? There's one who not only does Klingon opera, but can (when faced with the right crowd) do Nine Inch Nails in Klingon opera style! It's amazingly appropriate. Tall and imposing though the Klingons are, Paul is about 6'9" in New Rock boots, so I can say that I've seen a Wookiee intimidate a Klingon.

Alas, I got food poisoning from bloodworms served dead, so I'm never eating THERE again.

(I'm such a geek. I admit it, uh, freely. It's... honorable. Yeah.)
BaQa! I've been to the Star Trek Experience, but didn't really chat with any of the Klingons. I was disappointed that the blood wine turned out to be a mediocre California merlot ...
I wondered what else is being passed off as Blood Wine, and found this recipe. Sounds like 12 bottles of that would leave you wishing you'd just had the merlot.
Yeah, but they're filling a beer mug with 2 oz of liquor and 14 oz (or so) of cranberry juice ... it'd take the 12 bottles (and many trips to the bathroom) to really feel too much. Maybe that's just a Klingon cure for UTIs ...
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