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Thursday, March 30, 2006

As You Were ... 

Before anyone else calls to ask, we're still hanging around with nothing to report.

Evelin's sister and her daughter are visiting for a few days. Celeste was really cute, standing by her table and waving crayons to her cousin, K---, urging her to come draw buses with her. K--- was more interested in sitting still and eyeing her new surroundings. We all went to the park for a while, and Celeste did some good scrambling around, even going head-first down a slide ... unintentionally, but while she was a little freaked by it, she didn't cry much.

Blogger Commenting:
My midwife just finished assuring me that just because Liam was two weeks early, it doesn't mean this one won't be a week late... I'm hoping not - but maybe not two weeks early either.

Still, can't wait to hear your news! :)
I think Evelin would be happy for this one to show up early like Celeste did. Even though we're 12 days out from the due date, since Celeste was preterm it already feels like this one is late ...
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