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Thursday, March 23, 2006

First Letter; Repeat 

As part of prepping Celeste for her role as a big sister, we have been talking about the baby and using the baby's name. We talk about the baby's room as [name]'s room; we point at Evelin's belly and talk about [name] being in there; when Evelin goes to the midwife's for a check-up, we talk about the doctors making sure [name] is growing well; and so on.

Over the weekend, I thought Celeste was trying to say [name]'s name. She can almost get the ending sounds of the name, but the first letter/phonome was giving her some her some trouble, so I exaggerated the sound and repeated it three times: Lah, Lah, Lah ... [rest of name]*.

Now, Celeste is pretty good at saying Lah, Lah, Lah ... [rest of name] ... for the moment, that has become [name]'s name.

*"Lah" is just an illustration here; [name]'s name actually starts with a different letter.

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