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Sunday, March 05, 2006

This Weekend vs. Last Weekend 

Originally, I figured I'd back-date some of this, but since this weekend's been pretty sedate (yesterday, work followed by decluttering; today, just the park, farmers market, and tonight I'm making an asparagus-mushroom pizza), I'll go ahead and recap here ...

<cue the Wayne's World flashback noise/waving of hands>

Last Sunday, we took Celeste down to the Mall for a little culture. I'm not sure why, but I thought the Hirshhorn would be a good idea with her. She did really like looking out the windows into the courtyard, and some of the Hiroshi Sugimoto (杉本博司) exhibit did catch her attention, as did the surprisingly large number of babies, toddlers, and small kids in the museum. However, after a little while what gave her the most joy was how yelling echoed in the galleries ... we hurried out before the security guards had the chance to throw us out.

Once outside, we took a spin on the carousal and hung out on the Mall for a while, before heading over to the ice-skating rink in the National Gallery Sculpture Garden (just to watch) ...

Celeste in the Sun Celeste under Alexander Calder's ''Cheval Rouge'' Down by the Rink

<cue the Wayne's World return to the present noise/waving of hands>

Now that that (and my Ash Wednesday flashback entry) is out of the way, I have to go start that pizza, and then finish gathering together everything to do our taxes ...

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Mmmmm... taxes. The IRS just sent me their 100 page "How to file overseas" booklet. They're fairly tenacious.
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