Monday, July 11, 2005

Beach Baby

On Saturday, Celeste got her first taste of salt air. We took a daytrip up to Ocean City, NJ, to visit friends and to see what Celeste thinks of sand and salt water. She didn't sleep much on the drive there, so her walk along the boardwalk was an abbreviated one, but she did take a good nap that was followed by a short walk into the surf. She seemed a bit unsure what to make of it all, and the cold Atlantic waters did elicit a few tears, but she did like walking on the wet, packed sand near the water's edge.

As she was walking back up to the boardwalk, Celeste drew a few comments from some onlookers, one of whom was surprised we were heading in so soon after arriving; I replied that Celeste had always been more partial to the mountains than the shore.

On the drive home, Celeste napped for a solid 90 minutes through most of New Jersey, but once we got home she was wired. After about three false starts we finally got her to bed for good around 10:00 p.m. ... and she slept through to just before 6:00 a.m. on Sunday. Her first ever sleep though the night. (It didn't last: Sunday night–Monday morning, she woke for a feed around 2:30 a.m.)


patrick said...

Sounds like Celeste may be a Yama-type as opposed to an Ume-type. Everyone is one or the other (I'm a Yama-type myself).

T. Carter said...

Well, she was asleep when we drove through the Alleghanies on the way home from her cousin's place one time, but other than that, she hasn't really been to the mountains yet, but she definately should like them if Yama (山) vs. Umi (海) is a gene-linked trait.