Sunday, July 17, 2005

I Have to Wait How Long?

For Book Seven that is. Evelin, pitying me after yesterday's Freecycle Fiasco/Dishwasher Disaster (a.k.a. the F²/D²) let me read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince first. She also let me spend a good chunk of today reading (in no small part so I'd finish and let her read it, I'm sure). I am very, very lucky to be married to such a wonderful woman.

No spoilers; I'll just say I enjoyed it and really, really, really would like Book Seven to be released very soon.


KirstenM said...

I haven't bought it yet. I just re-read book 5, and am quite desperate to get to book 6, but semester's just begun and I really need to focus my reading around uni now... but your reminder that if I were to read book 6 I would then just be hanging out for book 7 helps. I'd somehow managed to completely wipe that fact out of my brain - I just want gratification now, even though it won't stop the longing in the long run. That's it, I'm waiting till November. (yah - who am I kidding?)

T. Carter said...

It's kind of odd, this having to wait for the next book. I'm used to that for movie series, but for books LOTR, Narnia, even His Dark Materials were all finished series by the time I read them, but Harry Potter there's this waiting and waiting and waiting involved.

I kind of hope Rowling goes back and reedits/rewrites the entire cycle to better integrate some of the new ideas she developed as things went along, but that would mean waiting some more and I don't know if I'm willing to do that ...