Sunday, July 31, 2005

Baby Jogger

Red Sox Baby Clothing -- Jogging SetSo I got an e-mail this evening from Wacky Planet about some new Red Sox hats and while wandering around the site, I was asking Evelin whether or not Celeste needed a Red Sox cheerleader outfit (both of us think not) or Red Sox nylon track suit or perhaps a Red Sox hoodie and sweat pants.

I started to argue in favor of the later when Evelin made the hard-to-argue-with point: "Does she really need a Red Sox jogging suit? How often does Celeste go jogging anyway?"

In related thoughts: Go Sox! After all that Manny drama, it was great to see him come in and get the clutch, game-winning single. Although it's fun to think what Theo could do if Manny's salary were foisted off on the Mets or something, I still like having Manny around.

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T. Carter said...

Live, die, pay through the nose ... but Manny's worth every bit of it. And the kicker? Today the rumor is that the bit in SI about Manny wanting a trade came from Pedro. (The SI reporter who got the leak was working on a Mets profile ...)