Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ga Ga for Garbanzos

Considering how much Celeste likes hummus, I shouldn't have been surprised, but she really chowed down on some garbanzo beans (straight out of the can) this afternoon. I sat down to feed her after the dishwasher was delivered and sent back (more about that in a moment), and she was on the peckish side. She started off with a bit of risotto, followed by some parsnips and applesauce, blueberries*, watermelon*, banana bread, cucumber*, mango*, and veggie burger (*not her favorites ... today), but was still acting hungry, so, fishing around for options, I opened a can of garbanzos. She took to them like candy, popping them into her mouth as quickly as I could slip the skin off the beans.

When she seemed done, I look away her bib and tray and, while I was turning to put those things on the kitchen counter, I heard a wet *blaurgh* sound. She'd leaned over the front of the chair and puked up about a teaspoon of water and garbanzos. It's a milestone because it's the first time she's really thrown up (as opposed to spitting up); it was also funny because I quickly cleaned up the mess (such as it was) and she proceeded to lean over to try to make that noise again ...

Another milestone for today: She was walking holding only one of my hands. She prefers to hold two hands/fingers, but she was able to take controlled steps with only one hand.

Dishwasher Scratch and Dent

So if I'm buying a scratch-and-dent dishwasher, I'm cool with whatever damage it may have, but when the guys were about to unload it off the truck, they asked me to come and look at things first. Celeste and I went out and, lo and behold, the front panel of the dishwasher is creased/dinged/dented. After talking it over (and the delivery guys blaming Sears's warehousing practices), I decided to refuse delivery.

Calling up Sears.com customer support, I find out it's going to take about three weeks before a dishwasher will be available for delivery — which seems pretty excessive to me. But, to add insult to injury, after I authorize a redelivery date, I go to see what they say about stock and the price on the unit has dropped $50.00.

Thankfully, they have a price protection guarantee and were pretty polite about crediting me back the difference, but it was still a bit of a kick. I decided to go with Sears for this because of the percent back Celeste will get in her 521 account via Upromise, but I'm beginning to wonder if it was worth the hassle. Hopefully delivery number two will occur more quickly than anticipated and there won't be any damage ...

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