Monday, August 01, 2005

Living Off the Earth

Today was one of those days when I left for the office before Celeste awoke and dinna get home until after she was back in bed. I might see her if she has a crying fit in the next hour or two, but otherwise it'll be tomorrow afternoon. My Tuesday/Thursday afternoons with her help make amends for days like today — I hope.

Anyway, since I don't have any tales from the day that won't get me dooced, I'll relay what Evelin called me about this afternoon. She and Celeste went into the garden to pick cucumbers. We've been a little lax in making sure we check the vines each day, and some of the cucumbers have grown large enough to be confused for spaghetti squash. She culled the giant/bad ones and picked the one good one and handed it to Celeste, who almost immediately started eating it.

When they got back inside, Celeste refused to give it up and proceeded to gnaw a goodly bit of the gourd away. (And, surprisingly, a good amount of that ended up in her stomach, not just all over her clothes.)

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