Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Montana Adventure

While we were out there and on the Billings–Denver flight home, I roughed out some of my blog entries for the trip on my Palm. They're up and in place now, back on the days the events happened. This may violate some informal truth-in-blogging rules in that it's not as immediate as a blog might otherwise be, but it's my little corner of cyberspace and I think this makes for a more coherent travelogue, so whatever.One other thing not noted elsewhere, a while I ago, I blogged about winning 1-liter Diet Cokes. I drink a fair number of 20-ounce Diet Cokes, and around here the odds of winning a free 1 liter are 1 in 12, which were the odds I saw when I first encountered the promotion in California back in February.

Out in Montana it was 1 in 4 (I came home with four winning caps). In Wyoming, it was 1 in 8 (no winners). In Denver, it was 1 in 6 (1 winning cap). I guess it's the local bottler who decides how generous they want to be, or maybe a regional Coca-Cola authority decides. Anyway, while I thought it was weird, I will enjoy my 5 liters of Diet Coke and let 7-Eleven sort out the details.

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